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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Artist Research (Edmund Dulac)

I like Edmund Dulac (1882 - 1953).
Reason being that Edmund Dulac was a badass motherfucker, despite his Frenchiness. He started out illustrating the collected works of the Bronte sisters but pretty obviously (if you look at the pictures above ARE YOU LOOKING YOU'D BETTER BE LOOKING) that wasn't all that he did. He illustrated a collection of Edgar Allen Poe's poetry (goth before goth was cool) but what he's really known for is his fairy-tale illustrations. KIDS WENT APESHIT OVER THEM. Did I mention that this motherfucker drew stamps? HE DREW STAMPS FOR THE QUEEEEEEN. 
Anyways, after a while he was like MAN BEING AN ILLUSTRATOR KIND OF SUCKS LONG HOURS SHITTY PAY NO SNOW DAYS THIS IS BULLSHIT I'M BOUNCIN' and did, although he continued to draw, like, newspaper cariactures and ornamental chocolate box lids and shit like that. He died working on an illustrated version of Miltons Comus. (Heart attack! His body was like HNNGH I CAN'T TAKE IT THIS PICTURE IS TOO VISUALLY EXCITING FOR ME TO HANDLE)

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