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Monday, February 14, 2011

Artist Inspiration

I wanted to do a post about Yamamoto Takato today! He is one of my favorite artists, although biographical information is difficult to find on him. His style has been described as 'Hesei Aestheticism', which I can kind of see in the way that he uses negative space within his composition.

One of the reasons I like his illustrations so much is because some of them get INSANELY COMPLICATED, and you can walk around for DAYS without noticing tiny details...or even huge very noticable details like PENISES because they get lost within, like, a sea of fish scales or something. The level of intricacy in his drawings is insane, it reminds me a little bit of antique medical illustrations.

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  1. Sweet abrupt blog theme change. and by abrupt, I obviously mean ~ 2 months. Not that I blame you or anything.

    These drawings are indeed intricate as balls...but what kind of media are we talking about? Were these digital to begin with...?

    Also, nice @ you being from the same town as I am. Definitely makes your original tale(I assume we aren't to discuss it here?) that much more interesting.