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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Thursday, September 8, 2011

bullshit still life commentary

oh look they don't make sense
oh look none of them are very good
well shane, instead of making us do projects that produce subpar results (you claim you have NEVER been 'wowed' by any of the still life commentaries your students have produced) how about giving us a different assignment?

most of these topics i don't have any opinion on
or my opinion is super complicated and difficult to explain pictorially
which makes it hard to 'comment' on. :/

Thursday, September 1, 2011

six topics

1. replica vs. brand debate
2. organic vs. nonorganic food
3. hurricane irene FEMA response
4. "no child left behind" program
5. "skinny privilege"
6. Disney toy manufacturer's use of child labor

sixty billion topics

ten current events:
1. libyan civil war
2. hurricane irene (response from FEMA, etc.)
3. national sports unions strike
4. immigration reforms
5. riots in Britain (police/racial tension)
6. flooded mine in china
7. pollution protests in china
8. WHO's response to h1n1 influenced by drug companies
9. Steve Jobs resigns
10. Fukishima 1 aftermath

ten ongoing debates:
1. energy crisis
2. economic recession
3. fukishima 1
4. global warming
5. shiites vs. sunnis
6. political turmoil in middle east
7. international human rights standards
8. GMO vs. organic food
9. BP oil spill cleanup
10. "obesity epidemic"

personal interests:
1. lolita (replica vs. brand debates)
2. ghosts 'n shit
3. evolution of a fairy tale
4. baking healthy vs. baking tasty
5. cat lady loneliness
6. product packaging
7. serial killers
8. gypsy wildlife
9. Hunchback of Notre Dame

Road rage, bullying in school systems, "no child left behind" program, TWILIGHT, border patrol abuse of power, Disney toy manufacturers using child labor, "skinny privilege", napoleon dynamite-esque 'comedies', shutting down the space program, China's ban on popular western songs.

flash mobs, libraries, mah burfday, otter population recovery in england, Michael Hildebrand and his advocacy for gay rights, planet made OUT OF DIAMOND, Indian parliament passes anti-corruption laws, optimistworld.com, Amarok Live (free music!)

Ten Things that May Happen:
1. new print dress release
2. robot takeover
3. virtual reality!
4. 2013
5. visit to Nashville
6. thrift store looting
7. house show
8. food by thomas
9. dying.
10. hell?

ten things important to people not me:
1. cars
2. fantasy football
3. baby showers
4. babies
5. running
6. organic food
7. world of warcraft
8. magic the gathering
9. model crafting
10. gourds.