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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Metaphor Research

Target: Crystal Ball
Source: Bomb
Ground: Round objects
Tension: One is a fortune-telling device, the other is a weapon.


Target: Book
Source: Mirror
Ground: Rectangular shapes
Tension: uhhh. A book is not usually reflective and you can't read a mirror.

Target: Hand
Source: Ladder
Ground: Shape, ladder rungs might be associated with hands...?
Tension: Inanimate object vs. human body part.

Target: Gun, Soldier
Source: Cross, Jesus
Ground: Position of soldier carrying gun / position of Jesus carrying cross.
Tension: Symbol of war / Symbol of Christianity. Soldier / religious martyr.

Target: Cell phone
Source: Oncoming train w/ damsel in distress tied to train tracks scene
Ground: Seeing oncoming danger.
Tension: Life-threatening danger (train) non-life-threatening danger (seeing angry relative on caller I.D.)

Target: Heart Rate Monitor
Source: House
Ground: Shape of roof / Heart rate pattern.

Target: The Grim Reaper
Source: Ice-berg
Ground: Both bringers of DEATH.
Tension: Mountain of ice (literal death) vs. anthropomorphized Death.

Target: Bee hive / Honey
Source: Bank / Money
Ground: Places of storage for valuables (money to viewers, honey to bees)
Tension: Relative measure of importance.

Target: Music Note
Source: Eye patch
Ground: Shape, references music piracy.
Tension: Physical accessory for people with missing eyeballs / Symbol for tune.

Target: Binocular Stand Thingyyy
Source: Face
Ground: Shape, eyes/binoculars are used for the intake of images.
Tension: One is a tool specifically used for seeing long distances, the other is not a tool but is much less powerful.

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